Splatz - Tomato Journey App Reviews

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Bugs and poor support

I am stuck on level 5-26. Bought the hints and still doesn't clear level. Do you plan to fix this????????


This seems like a fun challenging game but I need a tutorial about how to play the game. The only thing that explains directions says " it's a simple game, tap the least amount of times" but if there is 4 tomatoes and only 3 taps then that's impossible. I get that there is a way to do it, but you need to explain the logic behind why taping a certain tomatoe will splat others.

New update fixed problems

Updated to most recent version and was able to get passed levels I was unable to before….. Game plays great.

love to new interface

Love to new interface, much better graphics and even more addicting than before! I need my splatz!

Error ar level 4-57

IT is impossible to pass level 4-57. Its supposed ti be done in one shot. I have tríed all possible shots, and It doesn't work. Levels of one shot are easy to try because can touch all possible options, aún there's one aletas ahoyad work. Even i bought a hint, and didn't work either. Its really disapointing.

I agree

I also cannot get past level 1-22. It's just not possible.

Don't get

This app was good at first but then at level 22 u can't get past it u get 3 taps and I have tried everything, completely impossible I'll still look 4 a way

Doesn't work

Got to level 1-22 and could not get past. Bought hints and still can not complete with hints.


Love these fr ee games.

awesome but...


Loved it

Frustrating, but fun


I can't get enough

Love it

You cant go wrong


Love the new characters!


Get this if you are bored.

Fantastic game

Addicting and a blast for the family

GOOD... Kinda

This is so fun and easy to get points.


really fun

GOOD value

My dad said I should get this

Completely awesome


great Challenge

Loads of .


The graphics are great and a huge improvement over the previous version.


this is so hard but so good


I love trying to beat this game

best game ever

The only problem is I can't stop playing

Absolutey addictive

Dont listen to bad reviews. Game runs smooth as butta.

Very addictive would recommend!

I really like It.


Love love love this game


I like it, but it gets boring after a while.

Deep in the game!

very very good

Shame about the adds but fun all the same

It is a good game!!


It's very fun but it's kinda hard.


This game ruined a test of mine...

Flawed app

Level 1-17 is not possible in 2 taps. I burned my only hint (not paying for more) and it doesn't work.


Time flies with this app! Today I spent 3! hrs playing!! Highly amusing!!! P.S.: tomatoes are so cute :3

Interesting game

Fun game. I play with pleasure. Also, bright and colorful!


such a colourful puzzle with lots of enjoyable levels! like it)

Great app!

Great time killer on the commute, recommended ;)


Had a lot of fun with this one ! Like !!!

really cool

that's an excellent app with interesting levels!love the graphics)

Great app!

Fun! I'm addicted! Great graphics and love the interface.

So much fun!

Amazing app! On level 7 and working towards higher ones. 10 stars!

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